mercoledì 25 dicembre 2019

"2nd ART IN PROGRESS EVENT TOUR in memory of GREG LAKE": the report

On December 21st I witnessed an extraordinary event, in a fascinating scenario, in the most engaging time of the year, this to say how the basic ingredients for creating something to remember were all present.

The name of the event was as follows:


... ideal continuation of what was started by Paola Tagliaferro in Zoagli, in 2017, in total agreement with the Patron Regina Lake.

At the second Event Regina was accompanied by her Friend Elinor Emerson, Mrs. Keith Emerson and her young Family: Ethan Emerson, grandson of Keith and Aaron, son of Keith and father of Ethan, performed at this Event. 

What I will try to do will not be the usual commentary at a concert, with the idea of unravelling technical aspects, but I will limit myself to the role of mere chronicler, helped by video clips and some photographs captured by photographer Angelo Ciani. What I would like to highlight in the story is the atmosphere in which a high-profile cultural event took place, varied, shared, the maximum expression of successful teamwork.

Of course, Didi Pasini Ciriani, passionate about ELP, on the occasion of deus ex machina and engine of planning, could have eliminated the rain... maybe let the sun shine and allow a visit to the Venetian and Napoleonic fortifications of the "starry city", but thinking about it also the weather conditions were part of the project... because Even Christmas requires a suitable profile!

I quoted Didi who, in collaboration with the City of Palmanova, the Music Academy and OWL Records, has made possible moments that are unlikely to be forgotten by those present, but in the course of the article I will try to mention all those who contributed, names not necessarily related to the world of music, but fundamental to the final outcome.

The first official act of the day included the presentation in Common of a newly released book, "Emotion, Love & Power - The Epic of Emerson, Lake & Palmer" (Edition Chinaski), written by Fabio Rossi. Fabio is Roman, and took advantage of the trip to accumulate multiple presentations and meeting points, all with considerable success.
A bit of excitement in proposing to an audience that included the Lake/Emerson families in the front row, but the question/answer game, interspersed with the English translation of Alexandra Siminica, worked and was effective.

For those who want to deepen and understand in detail Rossi's thinking, I refer to our interview a month ago:

A brief snippet of the presentation:

Following a very interesting meeting called:

"Nothing dies, everything is transformed" - The wood supply chain of Friuli Venezia Giulia
From the destruction of forests to the rebirth of wood in new works.

In front of an audience that gradually increased their interest, Emanuele Bonora - representative of forest councillor Friuli Venezia Giulia - exposed and  the experiences of Dr. "lumberjack" Agostino Michielin - for of an interesting parallel between the wood of its woods and the vinyl -, the chef Stefano Basello - who first in words and later with the facts showed his brilliant intuition to revive the woods destroyed by last October's bad weather in the carnia and Sappada area, create loaves of bread from the fir bark - and Walter Buiatti - an wood entrepreneur in a company that is more than a hundred years old (BUIATTI) - who showed off his handcrafted skills by building a semi-acoustic guitar made from a unique piece of wood, an instrument given to an enthusiastic Paola Tagliaferro. Even of this "delivery", and a consequent test, there are video traces:

Let's skip the libations and the afternoon personal acts and move directly to the fantastic Teatro Modena, which will eventually be packed.

There is excitement in the air and the first to take the stage for his Steinway & Sons grand piano concert will be young Ethan Emerson.

I would like to pause for a moment on the piano, because I had the opportunity to meet a great professional, which I will talk about in a very short time.
In the afternoon visit to the theatre I had been struck by a "sir" who, regardless of the contour, diligently operated on the piano, technical tricks that brought me back to the considerations of Gianni Nocenzi - big italian pianist - picked up in August, related to the difficulty that a pianist faces when he finds himself on stage with an instrument that has not received adequate maintenance after transport. This is certainly not the case with Lorenzo Cerneaz, who I found by my side during the dinner, and which I will soon question properly!

The show begins and, with the help of translator Silvia Rota, Regina Lake and Elinor Emerson go on stage, presented by Paola Tagliaferro, accompanied by Didy Pasini and the Major of Palmanova, Francesco Martines, already present at the event in the Morning. 

And here comes the moment of Ethan Emerson who looks very excited, as it should be.

Here's the tracklist for his performance...

Ethan delights the audience with his talent, dedicating to his grandfather and grandmother some specific episodes, with a modus operandi of concert pianist, composed and elegant.
For him too I propose video pills, so that every reader can form his own opinion.
My consideration, also presented on stage, is that it is a real pleasure to see a young man focused on such a particular music, and the hope is that passion and talent - elements certainly fundamental, which Ethan possesses - are accompanied over time by a good dose of luck and not too much pressure that a high profile surname could generate.

After Ethan the surprise... Aaron Emerson takes the stage for a song that is a remake of "Fanfare for the Common Man". Cute initial curtain for an Aaron who is comfortable in front of the audience, and also this performance is also available for viewing:

Aaron remembers Keith in his gaze, and as his wise notes spread in the air, thought flies over what has been and what lucky people like me have had the opportunity to live in the field of music.

Second part of the evening dedicated to the music of Paola Tagliaferro and La Compagnia dell’ES, an ensemble to which was added on the occasion the great indigenous percussionist Umberto Trombetta "Gandhi". The rest of the musicians are well-established: Pier Gonella on guitar, Giulia Ermirio on viola, Andrea Zanzottera on piano and Enten Hitti (Gino Ape and Pierangelo Pandiscia) in oboe and lute.

I would call it an extraordinary band, able to enter every possible score and genre which, as always, provided the best musical carpet for the particular art of Paola Tagliaferro.

Their set included two different programs, the first dedicated to part of the album "fabulae", and the second focused on the compositional figure of Greg Lake, so on his ballads.

The sequence of songs...

Two words about the project of Paola Tagliaferro, originator of a dynamic project consisting of solid foundations but able to welcome the arrival of new artists able to make available first-rate skills, putting their own, of course, but following the script drawn in every detail by Paola, true creator of an idea of music that seems difficult to insert into an officially recognized genre. Not only technique and ideas, but the proposition of musical plots that, grasping fragments of disparate cultures, surpasses the traditional concept of music, transforming art into food by mind and soul.

I hope that the summary to follow can help to grasp what the audience experienced during the performance:

A song typically related to Christmas could not be missed, and come up on stage Ethan who, together with Paola & friends performed "I Believe in Father Christmas", that completes the Circle perfectly.

Difficult to describe in so many words a similar experience, which transcends music, which becomes a vehicle to foster and increase positive human relationships, and the serenity was palpable among the souls present.

A great teamwork delivers results because of full cooperation and because of the well known names that direct from behind the scenes. I would like to mention them here , alongside the ones I have already credited.

Another photographer, Ricky Modena, played an important role... The Head of Culture of the City of Palmanova Gabriella Del Frate, The Head of Communication of the Palmanova Municipality, Massimiliano Cao... and as for graphics and posters, the Legatoria Ciani and Ivan Olivo.

A prelude to a dream Christmas!