domenica 24 gennaio 2016

Greg Lake's Honorary Degree Ceremony Documentary: the video

Greg Lake's Honorary Degree Ceremony Documentary

On Saturday, 9th January 2016 famous "Conservatorio Nicolini" of Piacenza, Italy, one of the most important Music University in Italy, awarded Greg Lake of the very First Honorary Degree ever given from a Conservatorio.
At the Ceremony were present the Director of the Conservatorio, Lorenzo Missaglia, The vice Mayor of the Town Of Piacenza (Francesco Timpano) and some musicians, journalists, distinguished students along with Greg Lake's assistant and Manticore Italy coordinator Max Marchini.
Greg Lake's friend musician and songwriter, 22 years old Annie Barbazza and talented pianist/composer Max Repetti, also Lake's collaborator, performed a heartfelt homage to the music and astounding career of Greg Lake.

Alberto Callegari of Elfo Recording Studio Recorded the beautiful gig.