sabato 27 gennaio 2018

Interview with Nik Turner

Interview with Nik Turner
by Athos Enrile
Photos by Enrico Rolandi

The recent Porto Antico Prog Fest, made in Genoa by Black Widow Records, allowed me to get to know Nik Turner, a member of Hawkwind from 1970 to 1976, a band with whom he recorded six studio albums and one live. Later he formed the Nick Turner's Sphinx, with whom he played until the end of the last century.

Nik is no longer a boy, but talking to him and, above all, watching his performance, he gave me the idea that his almost 78 years are just pure statistical data, and that the music - and more generally a passion - can be an infinite source of energy.
A few months later I asked him some questions that he kindly replied to.

Here is the interview…

Let’s start from the performance of a few months ago in Genoa: what memory do you have about the prog Festival made by Black Widow?
I must say that I really enjoyed the Prog Festival in Genoa in which I took  part, and was very pleased to be here and very happy to meet the organizers, Massimo and Pino and their friends and Associates and families. It was a very well organized and enjoyable affair with a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere..

The impression I personally had on seeing you on stage is that your motivation is always high, as well as your physical form: how do you find the stimulus after a long career like yours?
Well, playing music is what I am fortunate enough to do as a profession, so I find the people I meet all very diverse, and in this case, very pleasant, accommodating, helpful, exciting, and groovy.

Speaking of Genoa, did you like to play with the Arabs in Aspic?

Yes I played with The Arabs in Aspic, a very exciting Space Rock Band, from Scandinavia, a lot of fun, and really groovy guys.

Is your band, Space Rituals, still at work? Are you registering some new material?
Yes my band ‘Space Ritual’ is still at work, doing great gigs, and working on and writing new material, and playing more of my recorded repertoire.

Can you tell me something about the concept album "Anunnaki", with the Chromium Hawk Machine?
The album ‘Anunnaki’ was a concept, suggested by Massimo, as a joint project between myself, my old friend, guitarist and vocalist Helios Creed, (of the band  ‘Chrome’( and keyboardist and producer, Jay Tausig. The inspiration for the music is in the music and attitude of Sun Ra. The backstory is based upon some of the  theories of Zachariah Sitchin, the Ancient Speculative Historical, Mythological, Metaphysical, Theoratician, and ideas of the Speculative Scientific Theoratician, Michael Tellinger, who expounds on his very enthralling, interesting and convincing evidence, in several lectures of his, on You Tube. The Idea is that several Millenia in the past, an explosion occurred in the Solar System, the Planet Tiamat exploded, causing the creation of the planet Nibiru, the planet Pluto, the planet Earth, and the Moon. Then 285,000 years ago, the Giants called the Anunnaki, came to the Earth from the planet Nibiru, to mine for gold, which they needed for their advanced Technology. They set up mines, which they proceeded to work for some time, Largely in Africa, but also other parts of the Earth, wherever the resources were available. They then became tired of the work, and decided to create a Slave to work for them. This was to be ‘The Adam’, genetically programmed to do what was needed of him, intelligent enough to operate the machinery, with The Eve, able to reproduce themselves, living for a limited period, having no lasting memory. Ptaw!!!

Where did you get the suggestions for the lirycs? Do you really think life has been brought to earth by aliens?
I got ideas for the lyrics for the songs, which were inspired by lyrics of Michael Tellinger, and the ideas of Zachariah Sitchin.. I feel that human life could very well been brought to the Earth by Extra-terrestial Aliens. Why not?

 How was the album born? Was it an engaging job?
It was indeed a fascinating and engaging task, many faceted and mind-boggling.

The project Hawkwind has always been an example of a family, of cosmic brotherhood, and all this has led to the creation of musical masterpieces: how are your relationships with Dave Brock now, after the old problems of using the band's name?
Well I have no problem with Dave Brock, he rather needs to get over himself, and see that we all need to help each other, in order to propel the Space-Ship to different and infinitely variable Planes and Dimensions of Reality.

Can you tell me something about your friend Lemmy, who disappeared a couple of years ago, and one about Dik Mik, who was also missing recently?
My friend Lemmy, after a long life of Physical and Meta-Physical Substance Experimentation, has finally entered an entirely different  Dimension of Reality and Surreality, as has also my very good friend Dik Mik.

What's in the future of Nik Turner?
My future lies in playing music in the context of Healing and raising of the conciousness, creating awareness, and spreading Happiness.

Will we see you again in Italy?
I sincerely hope so, with my Band, as Nik Turner in whatever concept excites and inspires me. I will see you all out there, with Love.