martedì 1 novembre 2011

Steve Hackett interview- november 2011

I was lucky enough to exchange a few words with one of my musical myths... Steve Hackett.

Thanks for your time.

I was present at the Genesis concert held in Turin on February 3, 1974, a moment that I remember with great pleasure. I was a teenager who loved music, and I’m always the same. What is left instead to Steve Hackett of those days so far?

I still enjoy what I do as much as ever! Music ideas come to me every day and I love to both record and play live. I have many ideas, both for both the rock and the classical side of my music.

In recent years I've seen you play a couple of times in my city, Savona. The first time was with the acoustic trio, and last year with the "electric" band. What is the situation you prefer to express yourself with music, today?

I enjoy both equally but I’m currently concentrating on the electric.

After so many years, still you find motivation and satisfaction during the concerts?

Yes, Iive to play live.

My friend Bernardo Lanzetti spoke me in enthusiastic terms about your participation in the album "Cavalli Cocchi-Lanzetti-Roversi." What have you enjoyed most about that music, and that kind of experience was with Bernardo?

I enjoyed the album a lot. I think Bernardo is a really talented guy.

A few days ago you participated at the Prog Exhibition in Rome. This year I was not there, but I have listened about your performance and the final jam with Sinclair, Di Cioccio Barre, Collins and Allcock. On these occasions the audience realizes they have in front of a piece of rock history, but ... you're aware of what you have been able to create?

It was just a jam, but we enjoyed it and I’m glad the audience did too. I dream with music all the time and it’s good to be appreciated.

Can you give any preview to the Italian people about your news albums or tours in Italy?

I’ll be touring in Italy in the Spring. My new album ‘Beyond the Shrouded Horizon’ is a great success I’m pleased to say. A new live DVD ‘Fire and Ice’ is about to come out.

If I’ll have the opportunity to partecipate a another your performance, do you think I can ... shake your hand and take a picture with you?

Yes, I come out at the end of every show to sign things and meet people.

Thank you very much.

Athos Enrile

Thank you Athos,

Warmest wishes,


I recorded a following video in Savona. It was July 2010...